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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Absolute fun...NOT=)

Well, i just came back from my trip to Port Dickson with Roshan. It was alright but seriously, we had nothing to do there. We checked into the hotel, The Legend Water Chalets and truly, it is an amazing place. We did not expect the chalets to be totally into the sea and gosh... the view was fantastic!

The room was really nice=)

After checking in, baby and I had a hard time finding for a place to eat. Everything was closed but with the help of our friend, Mr. GPS, we were able to find one food court and we had Thai food. It was okay but the SOTONG TIGA RASA was weird.

At night, we went out to eat at Seaview Seafood Restaurant that is supposedly said to have good chinese food...seriously, nothing like SIN LAI PENG in Bangsar. The restaurant was by the beach and the breeze was great.

We went for a drive around PD after dinner and guess what we found? PESTA! We went, we played games, we won prizes and we went back to the chalet. Boring eh? I told you.

Pesta PD!

The prizes we won! Very the LAME-O

Overall, it was a nice trip but boring when it came to activities to do. But the quality time i spent with baby was priceless. We have had such a busy year throughout and this little trip of ours allowed us to open up to one another and it definitely brought us closer. We laughed,sang songs, talked nonsensical things and also had the time to argue. Sounds so much like us, isn't it?=)