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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Carey Island.

Dinner at Carey Island. This place felt further than Timbuktu! The journey was never ending. It took us 2 hours just to get there and 1 hour to get back. My goodness but it was worth it. Food was delicious!

It was fun and fruiful. Pure friends' time=)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

L.O.V.E or Supposedly?=)

BBQ Smokehouse, Bangsar.
2.30 am- Spain Vs. Paraguay.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Sonia's Wedding, Penang.

Penang Trip (4th-6th June 2010)

Too lazy to uplaod more=)

Happenings so far!

Outings with sisters!=)


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Deleted it?

I see you deleted it. Good & Clever Girl.

Since you learnt your lesson, i will delete my previous post.

Do not mess with me Ms. S=)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Best assets.

I read an article last weekend on what you think is your best assets. It was written that you should list down your best assets and feel good about them and it will increase your confidence and make you a happier person so lets give it a shot=) Lets list down what i think are my best assets:

1. My smile. I know my teeth are alligned slightly out but i am getting them fixed but they always have been something that people recognise me for. My big bright smile=)

2. My thick hair. It so suprising that i do because both my parents have very little hair so i guess its a blessing.

3. My eyes. Having the Chinese genes does not help when it comes to eyes but i am truly blessed with big eyes and long lashes. Thank you papa & mummy for putting the best in me. Hehe


A girl definitely has to love it when she gets presents and after 3 years...i received presents from bubu. Please note: PRESENTS=) Yipee! He bought me 4 handbags!!! I do not even have 1 branded handbag for those who did not know. I am someone who shops for imitation but nothing feels like an original so he just randomly says go buy your handbags. I could kiss him a million times that morning! I bought 1 Polo Bag, 2 Emanuelle Bags and 1 Jacques Lafeur. The bags are beautiful. I have not taken pictures of them yet but when i do, I will post them up.

Last Saturday, Priyaka organised a World Cup Party and below are the photographs.

This weekend i am off for a Penang Trip organised by us DEMT students and i am pretty excited for it. I know its home for me but i will travelling with friends and looking at Penang from a different angle so i will post pictures of my beautiful Penang=)

Thursday, 27 May 2010

After sooooo long

Its been so long since i last posted anything on my blog. I have been so busy lately, planning the Penang trip and bla bla bla. Our Incentive Tour subject requires us to plan a trip out of KL and we decided to go with Penang( how boring for me!) but we did not have a choice because everywhere else was fully booked. Its some crazy three weeks now we are facing! Anyway, I have been on break and just got back to college

I have started teaching again! YAY! I needed to because i wanted to earn some money and not feel so handicapped and depend so much on my parents. I am feeling good though because I am getting paid this time so its so much less stressful than having to pay rental.

Here are some photographs of my collegemates and I =)

Me and my beautiful Geetha=)
Me and Budak Kecik.
3 monkeys=)

There are more but so lazy to upload. Then there is some taken at the Adidas Roadshow.

Me with Jesus Christ.
Roshan and winner of RM 2000 cash and RM 1000 worth Adidas products. Lucky idiot=)
Thats al for now. Super lazy.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Kamishk has a logo=)

Thats right...Kamishk has a logo. Haha!

My subject, Introduction to Entrepenuership had me pretend that i was setting up my own business and i decided to take up the challenge of opening a dance school and i decided to name my dance school KAMISHK. It is a unique name, no doubt and it means so well.

According to my assignment, Kamishk is a dance school founded by me that provides dance and drama classes. Dance classes include belly dance(DUH), bollywood dance, salsa, jazz, modern dance and hatha yoga. My dance school is located on the 3rd floor of Bangsar Village and is fully equipeed with air conditioner, air purifier and all technology stuff. My dance school has 2 studio rooms, 1 waiting room, 1 restroom, 1 changing roo with lockers, a healthy juice bar and a wonderful reception area. The waiting room is equipped with TV and Astro decoder and the healthy juice bar provides healthy and energetic drinks for student who are coming for class or before they leave. Its amazing! Wanna see the logo?

Isn't it lovely? And the best part...I designed it! Do you know how big an achievement is that?=)

I wish i could show you my brochure and flyers but unfortunately, i do not know how to convert and export and all that.

Actually, i realised in this past one year, i have managed to be able to learn to design and create pretty amazing companies and logos.

My Mamak Restaurant.

Hell! I cant find my other assignments but I have done pretty much a lot. I love what I am studying. Yipee!

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Looks like it is a happy ending...

Friday, 12 March 2010

Broken Hearted.

I have no words to describe the pain i am ging through right now. After loving and caring for the same man for 3 years, it is so difficult for me to learn to move on or the question is... do i even want to? Poeple say you hurt the person you love most but do you hurt that person so much till she ends up hating you?

I have given my everything to him. I played my role as the perfect girlfriend who listens, understands, is always there and never CONTROLS. Then why is it that i am always misunderstood by him and taken for granted over and over again? Is it because i do not really stand up for myself or is it that i just do not look strong and scary in his eyes? I am confused!

I know i ended this whole thing i stopped this mega drama with him after all these years but my heart just does not know how to move on. I still remember the day i went to his house, sat down on the table and layed all my emotions on the table like a huge dinner spread. After saying everything and watching tears roll down his eyes that night, that image just cannot seem to leave my mind. Its just stuck like a stupid spoiled LCD screen. AARRGGHH! but we were pretty calm and silent.

We still keep in touch and right now, we are just keeping our mind open. Maybe its a chance for us to rediscover one another because when we first were together, we basically just jumped into one another after being in a relationship previously and i guess, that was our mistake. Let us see where Roshan & Poojhaa is headed.

[Hopefully for a happy ending]...

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Its Over =)!

Exams are over! I cannot wait to go back to Penang. Yay!

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Stress. A word that never leeaves my life alone. It must haunt me all the time! Exams start tomorrow and finish by Wednesday and the weekend, i am off to home sweet home. Cannot wait. I need to get away from KL for a bit. The jam, noise, people... ish.

Anyway, did i mention i am getting braces? Yes i am. I am goin to have them on for a year and a half and they are transparent. I have to extract 4 teeth but... what to do? beauty comes with pain=). Suffer for a short period and straight teeth for a lifetime!

Quite the nice right? Muahaha

So, i cant wait to fix them because the sooner i fix, the faster i remove them next year. Lets see=) For now...

Monday, 15 February 2010


This would be the third Valentines i am celebrating with Roshan. Yay!

The first Valentines, we celebrated at some Thai Restaurant at BB. It was memorable. Little and inexpensive dinner and a beautiful ring he got me.

The second Valentines, we did not celebrate. Haha

The third one which was yesterday was so peaceful, quiet and nice. He surprised and took me to this restaurant by the lake in i dunno which god forsaken place and we had such a quiet dinner and loTs to talk about. I totally forgot the name of the restaurant. Ooops.

The food was okay but the company I had was great. I loved yesterday. Thank you baby. Muaks

Vain me=)

Good Looking!

The dessert was delicious!
I know... i have to loose weight!