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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Kamishk has a logo=)

Thats right...Kamishk has a logo. Haha!

My subject, Introduction to Entrepenuership had me pretend that i was setting up my own business and i decided to take up the challenge of opening a dance school and i decided to name my dance school KAMISHK. It is a unique name, no doubt and it means so well.

According to my assignment, Kamishk is a dance school founded by me that provides dance and drama classes. Dance classes include belly dance(DUH), bollywood dance, salsa, jazz, modern dance and hatha yoga. My dance school is located on the 3rd floor of Bangsar Village and is fully equipeed with air conditioner, air purifier and all technology stuff. My dance school has 2 studio rooms, 1 waiting room, 1 restroom, 1 changing roo with lockers, a healthy juice bar and a wonderful reception area. The waiting room is equipped with TV and Astro decoder and the healthy juice bar provides healthy and energetic drinks for student who are coming for class or before they leave. Its amazing! Wanna see the logo?

Isn't it lovely? And the best part...I designed it! Do you know how big an achievement is that?=)

I wish i could show you my brochure and flyers but unfortunately, i do not know how to convert and export and all that.

Actually, i realised in this past one year, i have managed to be able to learn to design and create pretty amazing companies and logos.

My Mamak Restaurant.

Hell! I cant find my other assignments but I have done pretty much a lot. I love what I am studying. Yipee!