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Thursday, 27 May 2010

After sooooo long

Its been so long since i last posted anything on my blog. I have been so busy lately, planning the Penang trip and bla bla bla. Our Incentive Tour subject requires us to plan a trip out of KL and we decided to go with Penang( how boring for me!) but we did not have a choice because everywhere else was fully booked. Its some crazy three weeks now we are facing! Anyway, I have been on break and just got back to college

I have started teaching again! YAY! I needed to because i wanted to earn some money and not feel so handicapped and depend so much on my parents. I am feeling good though because I am getting paid this time so its so much less stressful than having to pay rental.

Here are some photographs of my collegemates and I =)

Me and my beautiful Geetha=)
Me and Budak Kecik.
3 monkeys=)

There are more but so lazy to upload. Then there is some taken at the Adidas Roadshow.

Me with Jesus Christ.
Roshan and winner of RM 2000 cash and RM 1000 worth Adidas products. Lucky idiot=)
Thats al for now. Super lazy.