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Tuesday, 1 June 2010


A girl definitely has to love it when she gets presents and after 3 years...i received presents from bubu. Please note: PRESENTS=) Yipee! He bought me 4 handbags!!! I do not even have 1 branded handbag for those who did not know. I am someone who shops for imitation but nothing feels like an original so he just randomly says go buy your handbags. I could kiss him a million times that morning! I bought 1 Polo Bag, 2 Emanuelle Bags and 1 Jacques Lafeur. The bags are beautiful. I have not taken pictures of them yet but when i do, I will post them up.

Last Saturday, Priyaka organised a World Cup Party and below are the photographs.

This weekend i am off for a Penang Trip organised by us DEMT students and i am pretty excited for it. I know its home for me but i will travelling with friends and looking at Penang from a different angle so i will post pictures of my beautiful Penang=)