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Friday, 12 March 2010

Broken Hearted.

I have no words to describe the pain i am ging through right now. After loving and caring for the same man for 3 years, it is so difficult for me to learn to move on or the question is... do i even want to? Poeple say you hurt the person you love most but do you hurt that person so much till she ends up hating you?

I have given my everything to him. I played my role as the perfect girlfriend who listens, understands, is always there and never CONTROLS. Then why is it that i am always misunderstood by him and taken for granted over and over again? Is it because i do not really stand up for myself or is it that i just do not look strong and scary in his eyes? I am confused!

I know i ended this whole thing i stopped this mega drama with him after all these years but my heart just does not know how to move on. I still remember the day i went to his house, sat down on the table and layed all my emotions on the table like a huge dinner spread. After saying everything and watching tears roll down his eyes that night, that image just cannot seem to leave my mind. Its just stuck like a stupid spoiled LCD screen. AARRGGHH! but we were pretty calm and silent.

We still keep in touch and right now, we are just keeping our mind open. Maybe its a chance for us to rediscover one another because when we first were together, we basically just jumped into one another after being in a relationship previously and i guess, that was our mistake. Let us see where Roshan & Poojhaa is headed.

[Hopefully for a happy ending]...