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Friday, 8 January 2010

Its great=)

Well, i have finally moved into Palmville Resort Condominium and its gorgeous. Such lovely landscaping and the condominium is such a quie area and so peaceful. I love it=). Papa and mummy also like the place so much but shifting my things in was such a hassel!(not to mention the number of boxes i had...12!I must really stop shopping) We left for KL on Thursday and mummy stayed with me until yesterday. She helped me unpack and arrange my room and she also bought stuff for the room like pails, foodstuff and all neccesary things. It would have been so difficult without her. Papa had work so he could no stay with us but he definitely was here with us on the phone constantly and so was his credit card=).

The room looks lovely now. Everything is set and the rom is very spacious I must say. Mummy got me new bedsheet and comforter set and its very comfortable. I wish i could put up pictures of my place but I do not have a camera. I shall do so when i have the chance. Till then, adios!