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Friday, 5 February 2010

Been too long.

Its been so long since i last blogged. I have been so busy with work and studies! OMG this short semester is killing me. With events graphic design, project work and hospitality support services... i see the end of my brains by march=( Its goin to be super the fried!

I did my practical Banquesting last week at Sunway Convention Centre... it was torturous! We had an idiotic Banquet Manager who kept getting on our nerves. Only wish i could tie him up to a chair and slap him for a good 15 times. Seriously... try working with him and then you guys will understand what pain i went through. First time in life, i told myself i will never waste food again. The event was a company's annual dinner and the menu was chinese food and it was a 7 course meal. Looking at all the food we had to throw after each course was such a pain...my heart ached everytime i did that. Us, being so hungry at that moment felt so stupid and guilty to have thrown away all the food that the guests at our tables did not finish. Worst part, we could not even eat the leftovers=( Now i feel how the children in Haiti and probably some parts of the world feel. Its a horrible feeling to have no food. We, just hungry for 10 hours could already feel so terrible what about children and people around the world without food? Gave me something to really think about.

Best part, i am so proud of myself. ever since that day, i have been finishing every meal of mine without wasting a single grain of rice=) Opened my eyes this incident, really.

Well, i have lots more to write but till next time=) Adios.