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Monday, 15 February 2010


Well, its been seriously long since i updated my blog. Life has been hectic and I am sure its pretty much for everyone else. I have been swamped with studies but still have managed to have my outings. Last month, we attended a farewell party for Ezra because he was leaving Brainchild=(. I always found him to be such an amazing guy and he used to work amazingly! Well, the party was at Souled Out so Roshan, Rubern, Billy, Jin and I went there later because they were handling an event at Taylors Hartamas and I have no habit of going anywhere before Roshan does. When we reached there, just 5 minutes later all decided to head to Cavells. Nice place but DANGEROUS ( with the existence of that one particular drink, TANGKACHI)

Roshan ordered one for Ezra, Rye, Mathew, Billy, and Rubern( he wanted one himself*rolls eyes*). While waiting for the Tangkachi we snapped pictures!


Rye, Andrew and Ezra.

Rubern and Kim. ( AHEM AHEM)

WTF Rubern?

These are the pictures when Tangkachi came to action!


Super the gone!

I love these two=)

Overall, it was a fun night and it was the night i went out with Roshan after our huge fight so yeah, this one is definitely to remember!

Pretty ei? one of the few sane pictures we have=)